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Please note that the specified dimensions are the internal dimensions of the drag chain.

The outer dimensions of the drag chains are 6mm higher and 8mm wider than the inner dimensions (e.g. 10x20 drag chain has the outer dimensions 16*28mm).

The dimensions in mm are rounded up to whole mm.

The dimensions are not binding.
If you require the exact external dimensions for a model, please contact us.


Open drag chain 8 / 10 / 15mm internal height Internal width optionally 8 / 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 or 50mm

The bending radius (R) is either 18 or 28mm.


The energy chain is a heavy-duty and flexible solution for guiding and protecting cables and hoses in moving applications. It is available in open, closed and hinged versions and offers versatile options for various industrial applications. The energy chain ensures safe and orderly routing of cables and thus contributes to extending the service life of cables and hoses. Special designs are available to meet individual requirements.


Features and benefits:

1. high flexibility: the energy chain can move in several directions, making it ideal for applications with complex motion sequences.

2. robust construction: made of plastic or V2A stainless steel, the energy chain offers high resistance to abrasion, chemical influences and extreme temperatures.

3. open design: Allows easy inspection and cooling of cables and hoses, ideal for applications where constant visual inspection is required.

4. closed version: Provides maximum protection against dirt, dust and mechanical influences, ideal for harsh environments.

5. hinged design: Enables quick and easy installation or maintenance of cables and hoses without having to dismantle the entire chain.

6. individual customization: Custom designs in individual lengths, connectors in other colors and larger chains with inner heights of 30, 35, 45 or 55mm are available.

7. easy installation: the energy chain is easy to assemble and integrate, with modular connections for flexible adaptation to different lengths and applications.

8. long service life: Thanks to its robust construction and sophisticated design, the energy chain offers a long service life and reduces downtime due to cable breakage or damage.



Areas of application

- Mechanical engineering: Routing of cables and hoses in CNC machines, robots and machine tools.

- Automation technology: Cable management in automated production lines and conveyor systems.

- Energy technology: Protection and routing of cables in power plants and energy distribution systems.

- Medical technology: Application in moving medical devices and equipment.



The energy chain, available in open, closed and hinged versions, is the ideal choice for reliable, safe and flexible cable management in a wide range of industrial applications. Special designs enable customized solutions for specific requirements.


Scope of delivery:
1x 1000mm long cable drag chain width of your choice incl. end pieces


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