Idler Pulley smooth / toothed 2GT HTD 3M HTD 5M

smooth / toothed 2GT HTD 3M HTD 5M
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Idler pulley for 10 mm toothed belt

Ball bearings are installed



The smooth or toothed idler pulley with profiles 2GT, HTD3M, and HTD5M is an essential component in drive systems, specifically designed for use with corresponding timing belts. This idler pulley is used for guiding and tensioning the belts, ensuring efficient and precise power transmission in mechanical systems.


Technical Specifications:

- Material: Aluminum

- Profile Types: Suitable for timing belts with 2GT, HTD3M, and HTD5M profiles.

- Surface: Smooth, to minimize friction and wear on the belt.

- Diameter and Width: Various sizes available to meet specific application requirements.

- Installation: Easy installation with standard mounting elements, compatible with most drive systems.





This idler pulley is primarily used in automation equipment, robotics, printing machinery, and other high-precision applications where accurate belt guidance is crucial.



- Increased operational efficiency through precise and low-friction belt guidance.

- High reliability and low maintenance due to the use of high-quality materials.

- Versatile application through compatibility with various belt profiles.

- Easy integration into existing systems through standardized mounting options.

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