Industrial signaling devices

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Industrial Signal Devices

Available colors: red, green, yellow,

Available voltages: 12V AC/DC, 24V AC/DC, 220V AC


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Dimensions: 19x45mm

Installation diameter: 16mm

Installation depth: 35mm

Installation height: 9.25mm

Connection via two screw terminals

IP65 (front side when using the sealing ring)



Dimensions: 28x51mm

Installation diameter: 22mm

Installation depth: 38mm

Installation height: 13mm

Connection via two screw terminals

IP65 (front side when using the sealing ring)


Industrial signal devices are crucial components in automation and control technology. They provide visual and acoustic indications of machine states, alarm signals, and operational statuses, significantly contributing to safety and efficiency in industrial environments.


Features and Benefits:

1. High Visibility and Loudness: Industrial signal devices offer strong visual and acoustic perception, ensuring that signals are not overlooked or unheard even in noisy and expansive industrial settings.

2. Versatility: With various light colors, tones, and volume levels, these signal devices can be flexibly used and customized to meet specific requirements and standards.

3. Easy Installation: Industrial signal devices are designed for quick and easy installation, with multiple mounting options like wall, ceiling, or pipe mounting. This allows for flexible integration into existing systems.



- Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing: Status indication and alarm signals on machines.

- Logistics and Warehousing: Signaling operational and error states in automated warehouses.

- Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry: Warning signals in critical processes.

- Energy and Water Supply: Indicating operational statuses and faults in supply systems.



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