Linear Axis Openbuilds V-slot 2020 Toothed Belt

with mounted NEMA17 stepper Motor
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Openbuilds V-Slot 2020 Linear Rail with Timing Belt


The matching motor is already fitted and the system is ready for immediate use.




The Openbuilds V-Slot 2020 Linear Rail with Timing Belt is an innovative and versatile solution for precise linear movements across various applications. This system uses the V-Slot profile, which provides stable guidance and also serves as the track for the timing belt movement. The integration of a timing belt enables fast, quiet, and efficient translational movements, ideal for automation projects, 3D printers, and CNC machines.


Technical Specifications:

- Profile: Openbuilds V-Slot 2020

- Material: Aluminum

- Timing Belt: Standard compatible timing belts for precise motion transfer

- Applications: Suitable for light to medium-duty applications in automation and manufacturing technology

- Installation: Simple with modular components that allow for quick and flexible setup



The linear rail is ideal for use in DIY projects, professional automation setups, and anywhere reliable and precise linear motion is required. It is excellently suited for applications that demand high repeatability and efficient dynamics.



- Precise control of movement thanks to the integrated timing belt system

- High flexibility through compatible mounting options and easily customizable lengths

- Robust construction from aluminum, providing longevity and resistance to mechanical impacts

- Versatile usability for a wide range of industrial and personal projects


Scope of delivery: 1 linear system V-Slot with 42 stepper motor



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