Linear Axis Openbuilds V-slot 2060

T8 lead screw with mounted NEMA17 stepper motor
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Openbuilds V-Slot 2060 Linear Rail with Trapezoidal lead screw


The matching motor is already fitted and the system is ready for immediate use



The Openbuilds V-Slot 2060 Linear Rail with a Trapezoidal lead screw is a high-precision guide rail designed for robust and flexible applications in automation and engineering. This system combines the advantages of the V-Slot 2060 profile with integrated lead screw technology to enable precise linear movements. The V-Slot 2060 rail made of high-strength aluminum provides a stable platform, while the Trapezoidal lead screw ensures efficient and accurate positioning.


Technical Specifications:

- Profile: Openbuilds V-Slot 2060

- Material: Aluminum

- Type of Lead Screw: For precise motion control

- Compatibility: Ideal for use with a range of stepper and servo motors

- Applications: CNC machines, 3D printers and other precision-critical applications



The Openbuilds V-Slot 2060 Linear Rail with a Trapezoidal lead screw is perfectly suited for projects that require high precision and repeatability.



- High precision and reliability in linear motion

- Easy integration into existing systems due to modular design

- High compatibility with various drive types

- Robust construction designed for long-term use


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