Linear bearing carriage SCS

SCS short and SCS L long version
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Linear carriage Linear carriage long SCS8L to SCS20L



The SCS Linear Bearing carriage is a key component in linear guidance systems designed for low-friction and precise movement along linear axes. Typically equipped with linear ball bearings mounted on guide rails, this carriage offers high load capacity and precise movement control.


Technical Specifications:

- Material: aluminum

- Bearing Type: equipped with linear ball bearings known for their high load capacity and reliability.

- Installation: Easy mounting on linear shafts




The SCS Linear Bearing carriage is ideal for applications that require high precision and load capacity.

It is commonly used in CNC machines, robots, and other automated devices that require accurate linear motion.




- Provides stable and accurate movement guidance.

- High load capacity, suitable for demanding industrial environments.

- Easy and quick assembly and maintenance.

- Versatile and adaptable to specific requirements.


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