Pedestal Bearing KP Flange Bearing KFL

Zinc alloy cast
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Pillow Block Bearings KP08/000/001/002/003/004,  Flange Bearings KFL008/000/001/002/003/004

Product Description: Pillow Block Bearings KP & Flange Bearings KFL



The KP pillow block bearings and KFL flange bearings are specifically designed bearing housings for a wide range of industrial and mechanical applications. These bearing housings offer a robust and reliable solution for the mounting of ball bearings and other types of bearings that require high precision and stability.


Technical Specifications:

- Types: KP (Pillow Block Bearing), KFL (Flange Bearing)

- Material: cast zinc or food-safe thermoplastic, stainless steel

- Installation: Easy installation and removal facilitated by pre-drilled mounting holes and precise fit



KP pillow block bearings and KFL flange bearings are intended for use in a broad array of machinery and equipment, including conveyor systems, fans, pumps, and many other applications requiring stable and reliable bearing support.



- High load capacity and reliability under various operating conditions

- Long service life and low maintenance due to the use of high-quality materials

- Versatile application through a wide range of sizes and types

- Easy installation and maintenance, saving time and costs

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