Pillow block bearing, flange bearing, plastic UCP

Thermoplastic food safe stainless steel
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Pillow block and flange bearings made of plastic are specially crafted bearing housings designed for stable and reliable shaft mounting in various applications. They are frequently utilized in situations where a lightweight, non-metallic solution is needed or to ensure corrosion resistance.


Technical Specifications:

- Material: High-quality plastic such as Polyamide (PA) or Polyoxymethylene (POM).

- Mounting Method: Can be fastened with screws or other fastening elements to the desired position.

- Bearing Type: UCP bearing housings offer a variety of bearing types and sizes for different shaft diameters and load requirements.



Plastic pillow block and flange bearings find wide application across various industries and applications, including mechanical engineering, agriculture, food industry, and household appliances. They are particularly useful in environments where high corrosion resistance is required or a lightweight solution is needed.



- Lightweight: Plastic bearing housings are lighter than their metallic counterparts, reducing the overall load and facilitating handling.

- Corrosion Resistance: Plastic is naturally corrosion resistant, making it well-suited for humid or aggressive environments.

- Vibration Damping: Plastic bearing housings can effectively dampen vibrations, resulting in a quieter operating environment.

- Cost Efficiency: Plastic bearing housings are often more cost-effective to manufacture than metallic housings, yet they still offer reliable performance and durability.


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