Shaft Coupling Rigid Brass

Diameter D=Ø9mm Length L=20mm
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Shaft Coupling Rigid brass


The rigid brass shaft coupling D9L20 is a precision-engineered machine element specifically designed for connecting shafts in mechanical systems where a fixed, non-movable coupling is required. Made from high-quality brass, this coupling offers excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical strength, making it ideal for applications in various environmental conditions.


Technical Specifications:

- Shaft Diameter: 9 mm (D9)

- Overall Length: 20 mm (L20)

- Connection Type: Rigid, fixed coupling without compensation for shaft misalignments

- Installation: Through precision-engineered fits, ensuring high concentricity

- Applications: Ideal for small drive systems in instrumentation, measuring devices, and other precision machinery



The rigid shaft coupling D9L20 is particularly suited for applications where absolute alignment accuracy is required, such as in:

- precision machine tools

-optical devices

-fine mechanics

-model building (hobby)

Due to its design, it is perfectly suited for operations requiring very high reliability and maintenance-free operation.



- High corrosion resistance and mechanical strength due to the brass material

- Ensures accurate and reliable transmission of rotational movements

- Easy installation and maintenance-free, ideal for permanent installations

- Precision manufactured for optimal fit and performance


Scope of delivery: 1 x shaft coupling
                             4 x grub screws
                                          1 x Allen key per order

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