Shaft mount SHF

for shafts with diameter Ø8 to Ø20mm
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SHF Shaft Holder



The SHF shaft holder is a specialized mounting designed for the precise and secure installation of round shafts in various machinery and drive systems. Made from durable materials, these shaft holders provide excellent support and alignment of the shaft through their sturdy construction.


Technical Specifications:

- Material: Typically made from steel or aluminum to ensure high strength and corrosion resistance.

- Installation: Easy installation and maintenance due to precision-engineered mounting holes and user-friendly design.

- Load Capacity: Designed to withstand high radial loads.



SHF shaft holders are used in applications that require secure and precise shaft fixation. They are particularly useful in high-dynamic applications such as automation technology, CNC machines, and other precision devices where accurate shaft guidance is essential.

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