Stepper Motor NEMA 23

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Stepper Motor Size 57



The stepper motor size 57, also known as NEMA 23, is a powerful and precise motor used in a wide range of applications in automation and control technology.


Technical Specifications:

- Size: 57 mm square (equivalent to NEMA 23)

- Step Angle: Typically 1.8 degrees, allowing for precise movements.

- Voltage: Various voltage models available to meet different operational requirements.

- Torque: High, suitable for applications requiring strong force transmission.

- Connections: Equipped with standardized connections for easy integration into existing systems.



Stepper motors size 57 are used due to their high precision and reliability in a variety of industrial applications. They are particularly useful in areas where precise motion control is required, such as in CNC milling machines, automated assembly lines, and robotics.



- Precise control through fine step resolution.

- High reliability and robustness for industrial applications.

- Ability to move heavy loads, increasing application versatility.

- Easy installation and standard compatibility with control systems.

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