Stepper Motor Nema 17

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A stepper motor with a diameter of 42 millimeters, also known as a "42-size stepper motor," is an electrical drive unit that operates in discrete steps.


Technical Specifications:

- Diameter: 42 mm

- Step Angle: Typically 1.8 degrees per step, meaning the motor executes 200 steps per revolution. There are also motors with different step angles for specific requirements.

- Torque: Varies depending on the model and winding type, usually ranging from a few Ncm to several dozen Ncm.

- Winding Type: Bipolar or Unipolar, depending on application requirements.

- Rated Voltage: Typically between 12V and 48V, depending on the power and torque required.

- Connections: Typically equipped with two to six terminals for connection to a driver or control electronics.



These motors are commonly used in applications that require precise positioning and controlled movements, such as CNC machines, 3D printers, robotics, and automation systems.



- Precise Positioning: Stepper motors enable precise positioning of drive components through incremental movement.

- High Torque Density: Stepper motors typically offer high torque relative to their size.

- Easy Control: Controlling stepper motors is comparatively simple and does not require feedback on the actual position.


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