Toothed Belt

fiber-enforced, neoprene coated, closed toothed belts with 2GT or HTD 3M or HTD 5M profile
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Product Description: Closed toothed belt



Our premium closed toothed belt is an essential component in a wide range of machines and systems requiring precise motion transfer and synchronization. Made from durable, high-strength materials, this timing belt delivers exceptional performance under various operational conditions.


Technical Specifications:

- Type: Closed toothed belt

- Material: Neoprene (for excellent wear resistance and elasticity), nylon-coated teeth (to reduce noise and extend lifespan), and reinforced with fiberglass strands (for high tensile strength and minimal elongation)

- Tooth Profile: HTD (High Torque Drive), offers improved load distribution and ensures precise motion transfer

- Pitch: Specified in mm, to meet the requirements of different applications

- Width: Standard widths available

- Length: Specified in mm, tailored to the specific application

- Temperature Range: Operational from -20°C to +100°C, suitable for use in a variety of environments



This closed toothed belt is particularly suited for applications that demand high precision and reliability in motion transfer.

It is widely used in:

-CNC machines

-3D printers

-automated assembly lines

-packaging machines


Its application guarantees efficient and uninterrupted performance, making it the ideal choice for engineers and technicians in the development and maintenance of high-precision equipment.



- High precision in motion transfer due to the specific tooth profile

- Extended lifespan and reduced maintenance due to high-quality material selection

- Quiet operation, contributing to a more pleasant working environment

- Easy integration into existing systems through standard dimensions and specifications


Scope of delivery:

1 toothed belt of your choice


The following is recommended as a calculation tool for belt length and center distance

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