Toothed Belt Pulley 2GT Double

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Timing Belt Retaining Plates and Clamps



Timing belt retaining plates and clamps are specialized fastening elements designed to securely hold timing belts in place and ensure accurate power transmission in mechanical drive systems. These components are crucial for the proper functioning of timing belt drives, helping to regulate the tension of the belt and ensure precise alignment.



Timing belt retaining plates and clamps are used in drive systems found in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, robotics, and many other areas of manufacturing technology. They are ideal for applications where reliable and precise power transmission is required.



- Ensures correct positioning and tension of the timing belt.

- Increases the lifespan of the timing belt by preventing slippage and other mechanical disruptions.

- Resistant to harsh operating conditions.

- Enables quick and effective maintenance and replacement of timing belts.


Scope of delivery: 1 piece. Toothed belt pulley of your choice


The following is recommended as a calculation tool for belt length and center distance

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