Toothed Belt Pulley HTD 5M

Steel with feather key groove
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Belt Width (mm) 
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HTD 5M Timing Pulley



The HTD 5M timing pulley is specifically designed for use with HTD (High Torque Drive) 5M timing belts. This type of timing pulley delivers excellent performance in terms of precision and power transmission, making it ideal for applications that require high load capacity and accuracy.


Technical Specifications:

- Material: Aluminum or steel for high strength and durability.

- Type: HTD 5M, specially designed for high-torque drives.

- Tooth Profile: Engineered to enable efficient and precise power transmission.



HTD 5M timing pulleys are used in a variety of industrial applications including CNC machines, robots, printers, and other precision equipment that require reliable and efficient power transmission. They are particularly suited for systems operated under high loads where accuracy is crucial.


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