Universal Joint Coupling

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Cardan coupler


Color: Silver

Maximum angular deviation up to approx. 40°

Shaft clamping with grub screws (screws and the appropriate wrench are supplied)



The Cardan joint coupling, also known as a universal joint coupling, is a mechanical connection designed specifically to connect two intersecting shafts while effectively transmitting rotational motion. This type of coupling can accommodate angular misalignments between the connected shafts and is commonly used in drive systems where flexibility in shaft alignment is needed. Cardan joint couplings are robust and provide reliable performance under various operating conditions.


Technical Specifications:

- Material: Steel

- Angular Capacity: Can accommodate angular misalignments up to 45 degrees or more, depending on the specific design.

- Applications: Ideal for industrial machinery, and other systems requiring a flexible shaft connection.



Cardan joint couplings are crucial for applications requiring high flexibility in torque transmission across misaligned shafts.



- Allows for the transmission of torque and rotational motion across intersecting shafts.

- Compensates for angular and partially axial misalignments between shafts.

- Provides high flexibility and reliability in demanding applications.

- Robust construction ensures durability and minimal maintenance requirements.


Scope of delivery: 1 x articulated coupling + key + hexagon grub screws

(only one key is supplied per order)

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