Universal Joint Coupling Teleskopic

extendiblem, diameter Ø12mm
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Overview: The telescopic coupling is a versatile component designed to provide flexible connection between two shafts, especially in applications where axial misalignment or variable distance between shafts is present.


Technical Specifications:

Model: Telescopic Coupling

Material: Typically made from high-strength steel or aluminum alloy.

Flexibility: Offers axial compensation and angular misalignment to accommodate varying distances and misalignments between shafts.

Design: Consists of multiple telescopic sections that slide within each other, allowing for extension and contraction.

Torque Capacity: Available in various torque ratings to suit different applications.

Installation: Simple installation with set screws or clamping mechanisms.


Application: Telescopic couplings find application in a wide range of industries where flexible coupling is required to connect shafts that may be subject to misalignment or varying distances.



Provides flexibility to compensate for axial misalignment and variable shaft distances.

Reduces stress on connected components by absorbing vibration and shock loads.

Facilitates smoother operation and prolongs the lifespan of machinery and equipment.

Offers ease of installation and maintenance.

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