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Double-jointed coupling incl. grub screws



The double universal joint coupling is a highly specialized mechanical connection unit used in drive systems to connect two shafts even at large offset angles. This type of coupling allows for flexible power transmission between shafts that are positioned at varying angles or planes.


Technical Specifications:

- Material: Steel

- Construction: Consists of two universal joints connected by a center shaft, which allows for greater flexibility and range of motion.

- Load Capacity: Designed to handle both high radial and axial loads.



Double universal joint couplings are used in a variety of applications, including industrial automation systems, vehicle construction, and in specialized machinery that requires precise motion control. Their ability to operate in confined spaces and compensate for differing shaft angles makes them an ideal choice for complex drive configurations.



- Allows for precise power transmission despite misalignment or deviation of the shafts.

- Offers high flexibility in shaft arrangement and facilitates the design of machinery with spatial constraints.

- Durable and reliable, even under difficult operating conditions.

- Supports efficient motion transmission and reduces mechanical stress in the connected components.

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